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Windows Media Player Free Download Latest Version For Windows XP And 7

Windows Media Player Free Download

Windows media player is wonderful software for listening to music and watching videos. It is the integral part of every version of Microsoft Windows like XP, 7 and 8. As there are many third party media players available but the importance of this application can never by undermined. Due to its efficient performance, it is one of the most desired media players all around the world. It has a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) which shows all the pertinent information and options about the current media being run on it. Latest version of this software interface can be converted into various skins that are attractive and provide unique stylistic platform to the users for their digital entertainment. Users can easily make music libraries and playlists of their favorite media files in this latest version. By using latest version you are allows to sign up with various sites offering services for music and radio broadcasting. It can also run media files directly from online sources. You can also manage your favorite music on burn list, can rate the media files and make a list of your preferences. Mixing the music is just as simple as drag and drop files and just clicking the finish button, all these features are the part of latest this latest software. Media player can also sort music by release dates and automatically generates the lists of most played media files according to the user’s preferences.

Latest version of this software also shows the visualization while streaming the audio/video files. But the visualizations like “Ambience”, “Particle”, “Plenoptic”, and “Spikes” are not adopted in the latest version of this software. The reason was that these visualizations did not support the full screen controls and causing disturbance of graphics on the screen.

Lots of file formats is supported by the application including Windows Media Video (WMV), Windows Media Audio (WMA), Advance Systems Format (ASF), and Windows Playlist (WPL) which is XML based format. Then if there is a format that the media player is not playing, it automatically connects to the codec server, downloads the required files and plays your media no matter what.

Key Points:

  • Perfect disc burning, playback and ripping of media files
  • Support for the adjustment of pixel aspect ratio in videos, adjustment of brightness, contrast and hue
  • Generation of automated playlists based on the preferences
  • Availability of handsome skins of interface
  • Facility to sign up for the paid music on various websites
  • Support of various media formats
  • Facility for browsing online music galleries following simple steps

You are offered to freely download windows media player latest version from the link assigned in below icon. It will take a pinch of time to download and run on your computer.

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