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Audacity Audio Player Free Download

Audacity free download is a complete tool and recording application for all major audio formats. The software is one of the most advanced and digital audio recording application developed by its makers. The software is developed in C++ language and suitable for all operating systems like OS Linux, OS Mac X, UNIX and Microsoft windows. Being available in more than twenty different languages worldwide the software helps to edit and record different audio content with great ease and comfort for users. Audacity is the digital recorder, which can record the audio from different gadgets and support all different audio formats like WAV, AVI and MP3.

Audacity Audio Player 2013 has a simple interface with all the options displayed in the form of icons along the tool bar. The software is loaded with the most advanced and updated tools for editing and recording of audio formats. There is multi formatting tool mixer, which allows the mixing of different audio tracks and recordings. There is a rapid editor with drag and drop style that allows editing the audio tracks and helps to add different sounds and effects in the audio formats. The noise and unwanted sounds removal is very easy from the audio tracks which is carried out through the noise analyzer. The other tools include the frequency analyzer, which can access the different pitch level in the audio records and provide the complete range on the audio channels. The recording options are very sophisticated and they include live recording of different audio content along the web and different resources. There is a built in sound library, which keeps all the records of all the sound tracks with their path allocation along the different sections of the hard drive. With a variety of different format supports and internal track recording, the software allows to create the audio cassettes, tracks and audio CDs.

  • Helps to add different sounds and effects along your audio tracks
  • Support to all the operating systems
  • Available in different languages
  • Can create sound records like Cassettes’ and CDs
  • Multi mixer helps to mix different tracks.
  • Digital sound recorder and editor
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