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Superiorly designed with user friendly mechanism it is one of the most initiative applications developed by the mIRC corporation. It is a worldwide and globally connected chat room that allows easy communication among people having same ideas, thoughts, views and choices. Starting from its origin it has been continuously updated and has been one of the most popular messengers among the people of different age groups. In addition, it has been awarded many times for being the most popular messenger worldwide.

Application has been easily compatible with all the operating systems designed by Microsoft including all versions of Windows XP, Vista, Window 7 and Window 2000. Easy installation and simple use allows the best use for the users including those who don’t have much knowledge. The most latest and updated version is the mIRC 7.25. The features have been completely renovated and improved in it.

The messenger has been equipped with new demographics including improved tools, chatting options, and social networking. The newer version has maximum protection to avoid the hackers to protect your information from stealing and wrong uses. The software has provided easy and greater access to entertainment, music, politics and all the other topic of its interest. The most advanced chatting option including the auto filtration of messages allows selecting the important messages separating them from the trash and the auto blocking options continues the kicking back of people who are severe or misbehave in the chat rooms.

messenger has one of the distinguish feature of the script writing of the languages which allows the user to share the views , files , data and information regarding its official use or private use. The messenger has been loaded with different games that allows not only the chatting but provides the user with much more than that.

  • Simple and easy use make it user friendly
  • Easy installation procedure and compatibility provides user satisfaction
  • Entertaining features increase the user interest
  • Auto updates and security protection enhance user trust.
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