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Opera Browser Free Download Latest Version For Windows XP, 7 And 8

Opera Browser Free Download

This user friendly web browser is widely used software which allows the users to solve their internet surfing problems gently. This web crawler is used in different mobiles as a default web browser just because of its convenience of usage and faster uploading of websites. According to Stat Counter, this web crawler is the fourth mostly used web browser in the world. The installation process of this web browser requires very simple steps to follow.

The software is intuitive to use with its user-friendly interface which consists of a handsome look. You can find the menu buttons on the top navigation bar comprising of Back, Forward and Reload buttons. At the bottom, you can see buttons that are used for activating different commands like Opera’s Panel, Link and Turbo. The overall interface comes equip with modern browser features like tabs on the upper bar and zoom in and out feature on the lower right corner. This portal does possess a unique state of its own identity, which is quite different from other browsers found on the internet.

Regarding the features of this web browser, there is nothing in it that either one of the other browsers does not have. For many years, these web browsers are exchanging the ideas and innovations from each other. This web browser features tabbed browsing, restricting the ads that appears on the browser even the user has not clicked anything, support for download manager and torrents, email client for sending and receiving mails and an IRC chat client—all as built-in features. It also supports up to 56 languages in different locations of the world.

Key Points:

  • The software is much convenient to use and provide faster streaming of websites
  • This browser has a different Widgets and small internet applications that start instantly when portal is opened.
  • The feature of “Speed Dial” through which uncountable pages can be add to the page which will be displayed after opening a new tab. These pages are shown as thumbnails.
  • The built-in email client who can be used for importing emails from Outlook express
  • Feature of built-in session manager

You are here to download Opera web browser through a simple process of clicking the below icon. It will take few minutes to complete the download.

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