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Inpage Urdu 2000 2.4 is sophisticated, remarkable, powerful and multilingual publishing software used to handle Urdu, English, Persian and Arabic languages. The software provides a wide range of features along with the vocabulary of these languages. The unique character of the software is that it not only supports these languages but also allows the text typed in this software and then transferred to other desktop publishing software. The latest version of Inpage 2000 2.4 for free download is also available.

Software is easily compatible with all the operating systems of Microsoft including Window 7, Vista, 2000 and Windows XP. The software is very user friendly and provides various options regarding the styles of writing, layouts and document publishing. Three different classes of calligraphic font styles have been introduced in the latest version of this software including the most common and promising font Nastaliq.

The software is provided with multiple editing options for texts like image importing, word designing and text coloring. Image importing allows the user to insert text from different images and text coloring adds beauty to the calligraphic scripts. One of the key features of this program is that it gives a wide range of keyboard layouts to ensure user-friendly interface. A common keyboard layout used in the countries supported in this software is the phonetic one. Phonetic key board gives the visual image of the basic terminology and words used to write the script.

Over the years, there have been various free download versions of this application and for this reason it has become a need of publishers and writers using Urdu, Persian or Arabic language as a means of expressing their work.

Key features:

  • Supports various international languages
  • Easily compatible with all operating systems
  • Edited files can be saved in acrobat reader and coral draw supported formats
  • Text coloring allows creation of different calligraphic manuscripts within no time
  • A time tested and key software for publishers across the world
  • Easy to setup and use
  • No need of licensing and can be used for any duration
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  1. muhammad waqar abbas says:

    main corl draw dowanload kerna chata hoo

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